Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Book Series (#1 and #2) Provides Hours of Entertainment

Disclaimer: I have never watched the ABC Family television series Pretty Little Liars. I started my foray into the world of author Sara Shepard with her new series, The Lying Game. After reading it -- in all its teenage angst, up-to-date technology, and high-end fashion -- I went straight to the library to find the PLL series books.

The first and second books in the series did not disappoint. Pretty Little Liars (#1) and Flawless (#2) introduce readers to five friends: Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and -- last but not least -- Ali. In seventh grade, the girls united into a clique that could not be challenged by anyone at Rosewood Day, their private prep school.  But the summer before high school, Ali disappeared. Three years later, as the series begins, none of the former best friends are on speaking terms. Each beautiful young lady has her own talents and her own demons.

Things begin to heat up when the girls begin to receive texts, emails, and notes from someone called only 'A.' The girls had secrets with Ali, and now A seems to know those, as well. However, A also knows things that are happening currently -- things Ali has missed in her three years missing. Is Ali back? Is she A? Or is A someone outside their once-bullet-proof circle?

Shepard does an exceptional job of keeping readers on their toes while revealing just enough to make her books satisfying reads. Some mysteries are tied up at the end of each novel; still others are created in the novel's unfolding. What's next? I don't know, but I'm racing to find out. I'm currently just a few dozen pages from finishing the third book in the series, so look for more PLL reviews in the future.

The ABC Family series comes on Monday nights at 7pm CST.

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