Friday, February 4, 2011

Book News: PAPER CUTS Slashed, Post Increases Book Coverage, & New Memoirs

As of Tuesday, the New York Times book blog PAPER CUTS is no more. The NY Times announced that as of February 1, 2011, PAPER CUTS would be joined to the ArtsBeat blog. The spin on the Times site was positive, stating that this meant art readers would now begin seeing more book-related posts and reviews. For book lovers, the change seems like a negative one, producing less book news -- and filtering it into the mainstream "art" title. Like or dislike? I'm not sure, but the vibe from the book world at large has not been in favor of the change. Facebook and Twitter users sounded off about the change, expressing their sadness.

This change comes on the heels of a Washington Post announcement that the paper will begin offering more book coverage. One editor wondered if this might be a positive push for the independent bookstores, many of which are trying to find their niche in this new, technology-driven environment. (For more on that, read last week's Book News post.)

In other book news, mega-bookstore Borders is precariously close to bankruptcy this month, proving that indies aren't the only one suffering in the world of eBook sales surpassing printed word sales. The Wall Street Journal revealed this week that the chain is "finalizing certain aspects of its restructuring plans ahead of a potential filing, including financing that would keep it afloat in court and the number of stores it will seek to close."

Egypt has been in headlines around the globe over the past week as protesters try to force the dissolution of the reigning government. Nobel Peace Prize winner, former UN representative, and Egyptian citizen Mohamed ElBaradei has been linked to the protesters and named as a possible interim leader. According to NPR, ElBaradei told the BBC that, "if [people] want me to lead the transition, I will not let them down." ElBaradei has penned a memoir that has been rushed to the forefront given his involvement in this huge world-news story. Baltimore's Read Street blog noted that the publication date had been rushed from June to April. The Age of Deception will weigh in on nuclear topics, especially relating to ElBaradei's time as the UN-appointed head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which advocates for the peaceful use of nuclear energy rather than military use.

On a lighter note, Glee's Jane Lynch is slated to release a memoir titled Happy Accidents. Lynch, who plays the cheerleading coach and P.E. teacher Sue Sylvester, is best known for her sarcastic humor and clever insults.

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