Friday, December 31, 2010

Reading Stats for 2010

 I think my math must be off... Without setting any specific reading goals (or participating in any specific challenges), I somehow have read 95 books. Not 100, or 101, but 95. I just told my BF that I need to read five books before the end of the day. Because seriously, 95?

However, in a flash of true mathematical genius, I present to you the theory that I have in fact actually read 100 books. Here's the break down, followed by my reasoning:

Fiction: 86 books

Nonfiction: 9 books

Of the above, four were audiobooks and fourteen were ARCs or review copies sent to me by the publisher. So, you're thinking, 86 plus 9 equals 95. No, really, I'm sure that equals 95. Not 100.

However, not included in my totals above are the 15 books that I abandoned this year. Some, I read 30 pages or so. But some (Anna Quindlen's Every Last One comes to mind), I read 100 or more pages. Therefore, I present the theory to you that I read 100 books as a direct result of those 15 abandoned books. I figure that I read at least 1/3 of those abandoned titles, thus my additional 5 books (see? 15 divided by 3? totally equals 5, right?). Therefore, the new equation for summing up my reading in 2010 becomes:

86 fiction + 9 nonfiction + (15 abandoned x 1/3 read) = 100

Definitely 100. Don't you think?

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