Monday, February 15, 2010

Inaugural Giveaway Monday: C.A. Belmond's 'A Rather Charming Invitation'

So I feel like I'm finally in the "real" book blogging world. Several exciting book-related things have been happening lately:

  1. I've been getting positive responses from advanced reading copy (ARC) requests. So far, the authors and publishers I've contacted have been wonderful! They've replied with oh-so-nice emails, and I've received several books. You can read more about that in my new "Policy and Procedures" post (scroll down on the left until you see my profile link; it's directly above it). Anytime I'm discussing a copy I have received from the author or publisher or publicist, you'll notice the label "Review Copy" to distinguish it from library or bought books. It's pretty neat to be able to read & review books before they are released, and even better to be able to promote authors I really love.
  2. I'm going to be participating in my first ever book club next weekend. I know, I know. How could I never have done this before now? What took me so long? My friend (and fellow reader) Caroline and I decided that it's because we know very few people in our everyday lives who enjoy reading as much as we do. Thus, if we had ever started a book club, it would have consisted of... Well, us. We'll work on that for the future, but until then, my cousin Jennifer has asked me to participate in a book club in the Nashville area. Suffice it to say that I'm pretty excited! The first selection for the group is Joshilyn Jackson's The Girl Who Stopped Swimming. I read this book last fall, but I'm revisiting it so that I can discuss it next weekend.
  3. Michael Connelly is coming to Nashville next Saturday to speak at a local high school! He'll be discussing his newest Harry Bosch novel, Nine Dragons and (hopefully) signing, as well. He was one of my top writers to read in 2009; last year I read every novel he's ever written -- in order -- except for the two newest. And those (Nine Dragons and The Scarecrow), I purchased today at McKay Used Books in Knoxville. I can't wait to read them and to meet Connelly in person next Saturday.

And so, to celebrate all of these great things, I have a book giveaway -- my first! Megan Swartz at Peguin provided me with an extra copy for giveaway of C. A. Belmond's newest novel A Rather Charming Invitation. This is the third in a series about heiress Penny Nichols. I've begun the first book in the series, A Rather Lovely Inheritance, and I'm enjoying it immensely. So far, Belmond's writing reminds me of Meg Cabot, Helen Fielding, and Sophie Kinsella. Chick lit from a well-traveled, continental perspective.

How do you enter the giveaway for C. A. Belmond's A Rather Charming Invitation?

  • Leave a comment on this post (1 entry).
  • Tweet about this giveaway & post link in comments (2 additional entries!)
  • Post on your blog about this giveaway & post link in comments (3 additional entries!!)

The giveaway deadline is Monday, February 22nd at 12:00am (in other words, actually Sunday night). So comment, tweet, & blog this week for chances to win. The winner will be contacted next Monday via email so that I can get mailing address information. If you haven't replied within 24 hours, the first runner up will be contacted. Bear with me through any mishaps, since this is my first time doing a giveaway! (*Note: If you are an anonymous user, you will have to leave your email address in your comment, as there will be no other way for me to find you, should you win!)

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  1. Sounds like a good read for your first giveaway. Please include me.

    dlodden at frontiernet dot net



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