Thursday, September 24, 2009

Serious Laughs in 'Book Club' Disguise

I must admit something... I am a Kathy Griffin fan. She's crude, I know. Vulgar, yes. Profane even. But she is so funny! I'm not a huge fan of reality television (with the exception of Project Runway and all those Housewives of... shows), but I started watching her My Life on the D-List last season. It's real, it's funny, it's fun. It's everything you want in light, fluffy entertainment.

When she started talking about her new book coming out towards the end of the season, I was excited. Griffin did not disappoint in Official Book Club Selection. She wanted to put Oprah's name in there somewhere, but was afraid lawsuits would follow. Still a funny title, similar to her comedy CD For Your Consideration (which was nominated for a Grammy, by the way, but lost after George Carlin's death -- of course the deceased have to win all awards for which they've been nominated).

After two Emmy awards, a long list of award show hosting gigs, four years on the NBC '90s sitcom Suddenly Susan, many stand-up shows, and a marriage and divorce, Kathy Griffin has come into her own. She even snagged Paris Hilton for an episode of her show this season! (Awesome beyond words, I know.)

Seriously, she kept me laughing and entertained in her memoir, and in a celebrity-style biography, that's difficult to accomplish. Perhaps the best stories are from her early childhood. She spends much of the book telling us what we already know as fans -- awards, shows worked on, etc. But the early childhood parts and the juicy relationship bits are the best morsels from this entertainment industry tell-all. Her brother was an (alleged) child molester. She dated Quentin Tarantino. Enough said?

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