Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Horror Turned Political Thriller??

So I stayed up late to finish Dean Koontz's The House of Thunder and I've gotta say -- the first 400 some odd pages were SO much better than the last ten to twenty. In the novel physicist Susan Thornton wakes to find herself in a hospital bed with no memory of how she came to be there. She gradually remembers almost everything about her life prior to the wreck she is told she had. As she grows stronger, she also begins to have hallucinations about a night which has haunted her for thirteen years. These hallucinations seem glaringly real to Susan, but the doctors and nurses at the hospital reassure her after each episode that they are only a figment of her imagination.

Things heat up as the hallucinations intensify, and then... Koontz turns the novel into a political commentary. If this makes no sense to you (who has not read the novel), imagine the surprise I found as a reader of the book. Half supernatural thriller, half mystery... only to be turned into a spy novel. This novel was published in 1982 under a pen name, so I'm going to give Koontz the benefit of the doubt and read another novel. I enjoyed the first part immensely... Perhaps Koontz has graduated from totally unrelated endings to endings which make some sort of sense. While I probably won't purchase any of his books (for fear of random politically-motivated plot endings), I will scour my library shelves for other Koontz novels which sound good... Then let you know how they end up!

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