Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Campus Photography

In my Tuesday night class at Tennessee Tech, we are learning about technology... I have to say, the "classroom" technology has come a long way from when I took my first keyboarding class in elementary school. Back then, we had a typing program and the Oregon Trail! In the class I'm taking now, we have done everything from make music with Garageband to edit photos with iPhoto to chat with classmates via iChat's video chat, which looks so good it could be a live feed.

Tonight we did the iPhoto thing, taking our own snapshots from digital cameras checked out from the Education Department's Learning Resource Center. We had 30 minutes or so to walk around campus and snap pictures, then we had some additional time to edit the photos with various methods discussed in class. Finally, we made our photos into a slideshow complete with music. Each person was supposed to pick a theme, which wasn't as easy as it sounds... given that it was dark outside, we had a limited list to choose from.

Some of my classmates were pretty creative with their photo montages, looking outside the box and focusing on themes like "Roadtrip" and "Time and Space." My theme was much more simple... I focused more on trying to take pictures I liked, and editing them in a way I liked, as well. My "theme" is one word -- See if you can guess it :) Here is the photo slideshow I took (with music which I love, but which doesn't necessarily make much sense... Allison Krauss's "You Will Be My Ain True Love" from the Cold Mountain soundtrack):



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