Friday, February 6, 2009

Joe Harvey Band at Capalano's

So... The Joe Harvey Band is unique in that it's a really great band from my small hometown of McMinnville, Tennessee. I say "unique" because there are probably a lot of good musicians and/or singers in McMinnville (or anywhere, for that matter), but few have any amount of success. JHB is a good-time band -- they aren't afraid to play to their audience's tastes. They aren't pretentious, they don't force you to listen to music you hate... basically, you listen to them play all your old favorites, forget your troubles for a few hours, and dance your feet off with your closest friends!

The band is named Joe Harvey Band because their lead singer is none other than... Joe Harvey! He is joined by his brother Kevin and a few other friends. They've played quite a few places -- all the spots offering live music in McMinnville, of course -- but also places like the former bar Bluesboro on the square in Murfreesboro (now the bar & music hall the Blue Rooster) and spots around downtown Nashville. My favorite place to watch them play is none other than McMinnville's own Capalano's. Capalano's is a great little coffee shop that serves coffee, tea, and sandwiches by day and at night morphs into a hopping hotspot in downtown McMinnville (and no, that is not an oxymoron, although it may seem such). Capalano's has live music every weekend and some weeknights, but nothing rocks it like a JHB concert.

When JHB is at Cap's, the place is jumping. People spill out onto the street, completely fill the upstairs concert hall, and gather in great clumps downstairs. It's a great time, plus they play all the music that I love. One of my favorite songs of all times is Old Crow Medicine Show's "Wagon Wheel." Here's a video of JHB playing a cover of it last Saturday at Capalano's (you'll have to pretty much ignore the video part & just listen!):

And a sideways one (I thought I rotated in before I posted, but no such luck... maybe my technical skills will increase as time goes on!) of just Joe singing:

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