Saturday, November 2, 2013

A (Prequel Short Story) Book Review:
My Own Miraculous by Joshilyn Jackson

You guys. It's almost time. Joshilyn Jackson has a new book coming out, and I am stoked. Like, really, really stoked. I have read everything Jackson's ever published, plus her blog, plus anything else I can possibly get my hands on. She does southern. She does dark. She does funny. She does mysterious. She also does amazing things with her characters, making them fabulously flawed people who make enormous mistakes and terrible decisions, all mixed in with some perfect choices. Who love and hurt and lash out and comfort and so, so much more. Have I convinced you yet? That you need to read her new novel?

Let's forget about my opinion, because Jackson has given you the perfect opportunity to decide for yourself. Her new novel, Someone Else's Love Story, doesn't come out until November 19, but she's done something unprecedented. (Okay, maybe not unprecedented, but SHE'S never done it before. So unprecedented for her.) She's written a prequel. A little taste of the world she's created, and you get to visit before diving into the real thing later in the month.

My Own Miraculous introduces readers to Shandi Pierce, star of Someone Else's Love Story, and young mother to three-year-old Natty. It provides a short glimpse into Shandi and Natty's Georgia world in a mountain town outside of Atlanta. We also meet Mimmy, Shandi's mother, and Walcott, her long-time best friend. My Own Miraculous, while introducing Shandi's world for Someone Else's Love Story, also tells a story all its own. It begins with a punch and doesn't stop until the last page:
I was twenty-one years old when I became a mother, though if I wanted to get technical, Natty happened three years and nine months earlier, inventing himself secretly inside me in the summertime when I was seventeen. That was just biology. It didn't instantly remake me as a mother. . . . having him, even loving him so -- it didn't make me a mom. . . . In the mornings, I fed him while my own mom slid fried eggs and melon slices onto my plate, feeding me.
I wasn't a mother; I was just a daughter with a son.
 As Jackson relates the story of how Shandi grew from a "daughter with a son" into a full-fledged mother, she pulls readers hook, line, and sinker into her newly created fictional world. You will not be able to not read Someone Else's Love Story after finishing My Own Miraculous. Shandi and her life aside, you will most definitely need to read more about the exceptional (and exceptionally lovable) Natty.

My Own Miraculous is out now in e-book form for Kindle, Nook, KOBO, and iBook for only $1.99. You can also buy it in paperback or audio form.

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