Saturday, April 21, 2012

Readathon Update: One Book Completed!

I will readily admit that I have already taken a short nap during the readathon. (I got up before six and started early, though!) I have already finished Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number, which was simply delightful.

I've read all of her Shopaholic series, and also her standalone books published under the pen name Kinsella. She also has several books published originally in the UK only under her real name (Madeleine Wickham), and I haven't read any of those. That puts my page count at around 200 (I was already half-way finished before the readathon started).

I've Got Your Number was predictable in a very Sophie Kinsella kind of way, but it kept my attention nonetheless. It was actually a wonderfully humorous romance, which is what she's great at, if you're in the mood for a fast, fun read. Her female characters are always slightly ditzy (but actually quite smart), her males are always wonderful or terrible (in a very Bridget Jones sort of way), and all the English-speak makes her novels delightfully amusing. A full review will come later, of course, but suffice it to say I wholly enjoyed I've Got Your Number -- and it was the perfect easy, light book to begin a readathon.


  1. Good for you. Think about it the way I do: the average American reads less than one book a year! That means you've done more so far today than most Americans do in a year!

  2. That is a startling statistic! I am a reading teacher, and my hope is that I encourage each one of my students to beat that statistic! They definitely have done so this year -- hopefully that will continue into adulthood.



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