Monday, February 13, 2012

"The 7th Month" Shows D.D. Warren Detecting During Pregnancy

Before her latest thriller starring Boston detective D.D. Warren hit shelves, author Lisa Gardner released a short piece that detailed some of the time between her last book, Love You More, and her new novel Catch Me. At the end of Love You More, D.D. discovered she was pregnant. This news was unexpected and somewhat shocking to the detective. After all, she hadn't originally planned to be a parent at all, much less in the near future.

E-novella "The 7th Month" reveals D.D. in her seventh month of pregnancy, still on the job (albeit behind a desk). When a movie producer enters the police station looking for a police consultant for a film shooting in a local cemetery, D.D. jumps at the chance to get out from behind her desk. The movie's current retired-police consultant hasn't shown up for work in a day or two, and filming must go on.

Readers of Gardner's previous books shouldn't find it unbelievable that once on set, D.D. begins to unravel a mystery. Although little would be gained from reading this short piece as a standalone, for fans of the series, it's a perfect taste of the detective, on-the-job and with child. Fans won't want to miss this glimpse of life between the novels before diving into Catch Me. And the piece isn't so short that it isn't worth the $1.99 price tag. I estimated it to be about 40-45 pages long, the perfect length for short fiction.

Look for my review of Catch Me within the next day or two!

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