Friday, January 13, 2012

I Love You Like a Love Song, Baby: Wedding Music

Gratuitous Honeymoon Photo

No, we decidedly did not play any Selena Gomez songs at our wedding (but my stepson would have loved it if we had!). Instead, I created an iTunes playlist of songs I love. After hours of listening (my car rides almost became torturous, so determined was I that I would listen to every time I went somewhere), I finally came up with what I thought was a delightful mix. Although I'm sure some would wonder if a thirty-year-old or a fifty-year-old added some of the songs (two by Don Henley, anyone?). I didn't want to fill up the blog with videos that would take too long to load, but I've linked to YouTube videos of all the songs if you want to take a listen.

Before the ceremony:
"January Wedding"  ~ the Avett Brothers
"Feels Like Home" ~  Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt
"Forever" ~ Ben Harper
"Grow Old With Me" ~ Mary Chapin Carpenter
“For My Wedding” ~ Don Henley
“The Luckiest” ~ Ben Folds
“True Companion” ~ Marc Cohn
“Make You Feel My Love” ~ Adele 

Bridal party entrance:
"Marry Me" ~ Train
Bride's entrance:
"So Are You to Me" ~ Eastmountainsouth
 "You are the Best Thing" ~ Ray LaMontagne


At the reception, which held many more people (the ceremony itself was just immediate family), we kicked it up a notch. I'm not sure guests could really hear the music, but having it in the background made me happy. I played all the songs from the ceremony, plus several more upbeat tunes. Here are some of my favorites:

Sometime I will get back to talking books; you'll have to indulge me a few wedding-related posts.

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