Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Treats & Eats

Everyone loves to make something special for the holidays, and I'm no different. Yes, I like to read, but I also like to cook!

Pinterest has been an inspiration for me -- as it has been for many, I'm sure. It's hard to go to a holiday party lately without hearing someone say, "I saw it on Pinterest!" or "Did you find that on Pinterest?" Here's a little taste of what I've made this year:

This delicious baked brie is best served with apple slices. I had both crackers and apples, and the apples went fast! It was the perfect dessert/appetizer for Christmas with my girls this year.

I made a variation of these sticky cinnamon buns for Christmas Eve Eve breakfast on Friday morning. My nephew pronounced them "nom nom" and my dad ate two! I cooked up some bacon to go with them; I thought the sweetness could use a little smoky salt flavor. I followed the recipe exactly, except I added a step -- I dipped the uncooked biscuit dough in melted butter, then in a sugar-cinnamon mixture before adding them to the pan. Just an additional few hundred calories. No big deal, right?

I actually didn't make this yet -- but I'm going to, I think. I made it several times last year, and it was a hit every time it was placed on a table. I have to thank Southern Living for this one!

This cake batter bark from How Sweet Eats made it into my gifts for co-workers this year. I didn't do the bottom chocolate layer, and I should have. It was a bit too sweet with just the white chocolate cake batter layer.

I also included this in my co-workers' gifts. I made it with milk chocolate rather than dark. I prefer dark, but I think milk is a bit more everybody-friendly.

These cake batter truffles are on my list for today, as is this:

That's right. Cookie dough truffles. And, if I'm being honest, these:

Oreo truffles! Yum, yum! Merry Christmas!

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