Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Catch Is Romantic Summer Fun

Maddie Chilton is a career-driven wunderkind for the hottest PR firm in Miami when her life in the fast lane comes to a grinding halt. She's shown the door at BZB, and just that quickly everything important in her life is pulled out from under her. Long divorced, with two grown sons living lives of their own, Maddie is feeling somewhat displaced by her sudden unemployment.

Best friend Nina saves the day by sending Maddie on a trip far from Miami's beaches -- as far north as it gets in the United States, all the way to Maine. Maddie, rarely having been above the Mason-Dixon line, has no idea what to expect from her trek north. Upon arriving at Wilson's Fishing Camp, Maddie discovers just how spoiled she was in Miami -- and how ill-equipped she is to deal with "roughing it."

Maddie hasn't been fishing since some unpleasant experiences involving her ex-husband drinking beer and trying to drive a boat at the same time. Now, on this so-called retreat, she is expected to learn how to fish -- and to enjoy it!

Author Tracy Ann Lord peppers Good Catch with a bevy of unusual characters who populate Wilson's Fishing Camp and give the story life. There's Wayne, the king of inappropriate comments and leering glances who serves as handyman for the camp. There's also Flo, the grumpy cook who demands that camp guests adhere to a strict mealtime schedule, or risk not eating. Even the mess hall waitress Linda has her oddities -- multiple personalities, for one thing.

But Maddie also meets Cal, the fishing guide-cum-owner of Wilson's. He likes to skinny dip at dawn, save ladies in distress, and generally do all manner of manly things, all of which make him mysteriously attractive to Maddie. But where do you draw the line between mysterious and just downright close-mouthed? Perhaps Cal has a few too many skeletons in his closet to make him a good match for Maddie.

Maine lake photo from Tracy Ann Lord's Snapshots
Good Catch is a romantic, lighthearted summer novel. Lord makes her characters interesting enough that the slightly-predictable plot can be forgiven. I'm not often a reader of romance novels, but Good Catch is just the right mix of funny and romance. Lord had me wanting to visit the beautiful Maine setting for myself -- and mix up a few of the recipes she includes at the end!

Tracy Ann Lord is working on writing more books about her beloved Maine. You can follow her at her blog Camp Tracy, where she shares things like recipes for Blueberry Cornbread.

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