Saturday, May 14, 2011

(Late) Book News (Is Better Than No Book News): Literary Help For Alabama Tornado Victims

My priorities last night were: Book News post, dinner with family, rest. I helped our eighth-grade homeroom teachers this week in making special events happen for our graduating eighth-graders: Dollywood Thursday (which I mentioned then) and a "formal" dance last night. Those ladies are teaching rockstars; it was amazing to see the time and effort they've put in to making memories for their students. I did no planning -- just a little helping -- the past two days, and I am exhausted! I can't imagine how tired they are!

Thursday, we did this. And this. And this. And I even managed to do this. Then we also got a little wet. And saw these beautiful creatures. It was fun. Yesterday, we decorated for the formal with the theme "Life is Sweet." The huge cupcakes, lollipops, and faux chocolate frosting fountain look great. I'm thankful I was able to help bring some smiles to those students before they head off to high school.

I abandoned my goal of posting Book News last night, went to eat dinner, and crashed. For eleven hours. Yes -- I slept for eleven hours! So... Book News today.

My main focus today is a cause I heard about on Julie's Book Hooked Blog. I'm sure all readers in the southeast are aware of the tornadoes that ripped through the south a few weeks ago. Some readers outside the southeast probably heard about them, but I know how easily we all forget -- I heard a spot on NPR's Nashville station about help for flood victims last week. Initially I thought: what? Although it happened more than a year ago, many flood victims in Nashville are still trying to recover from the loss of their homes and possessions. The nonprofit We Are Nashville is still working to help.

The people of northeast Georgia and all across Alabama are still in the immediate stages of need in the weeks after tornadoes hit. Their homes and businesses have been destroyed. My best friend's grandmother lives in northern Alabama; a transformer near her was hit, and they've been told they probably won't have electricity for more than a month. Tuscaloosa took a terrible hit, as well. Ringgold, Georgia, lost many of their schools in addition to personal losses.

Sports stars and country music stars are reaching out to help. Authors and other book-related people are helping, too. Book Hooked Blog introduced me to All 4 Alabama, an organization formed to help the book world help Alabama tornado victims. It is an auction-style, ongoing fundraiser. Stop over and find a way to help a great cause while simultaneously scratching your book-itch. (Bonus? Julie from Book Hooked donated a fabulous wreath made from old books that I have to buy or learn to make.) 

A brief list of non-tornado-related Book News tidbits from the week:
I've been reading a book every couple of days lately (love it!) and so I am about to start a couple of new ones this weekend: Jefferson Bass's The Bone Yard is next on my list and Katie Crouch's Men and Dogs is in my hands at the moment. I'm still listening to Kathy Reichs' YA novel Virals via Audible for iPod. It has reached an exciting twist...

Happy reading & relaxing!

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