Friday, May 20, 2011

Book News: eBooks On the Rise, Bookshelf Peeking, Librarian Layoffs, and KATNISS!

The Wall Street Journal offers a look at the future of book publishing this week in a panel dedicated to the topic. They offer video clips broken down into specific categories on their Ideas Market blog, including: eReaders versus bookstore browsing, format changes throughout the years (scroll to codex to digital), and the possibility of continuous editing in a digital age.

Relating to that, Jacket Copy reports that Amazon announced this week that it is now consistently selling more eBooks than paper books. Supposedly the number is 105 eBooks for every 100 paper books, which does not count free books (classics, etc.).

 For those of you who, like me, love to see the inside of other people's houses, The Guardian has exactly what you're looking for -- in book form. They have appealed to their audience to post photos of their personal bookshelves to a Flickr group, and they've also asked for explanations of how the books are sorted. Fascinating stuff, I tell you. I will be participating by posting a photo later this weekend!

Flickr Group screenshot

Tina Brow
I happened to hear Word of Mouth on NPR as I drove to work this week. It was fascinating listening, and I'm sure the writing Tina Brown talks about will be equally as enjoyable. I love that she included not only a book-length work, but also two lengthy articles. All are non-fiction, and cover "life, start to finish."

From The L.A. Times
Near and dear to my heart as an educator (and even more so with my love of books) is this story from Jacket Copy: the L.A. Unified School District is attempting to layoff school librarians as part of a huge budget cut. The situation has gone to the courtroom, and is sad on all accounts: for the kids who will lose librarians, for librarians who will lose their jobs, and for L.A. that it doesn't see the necessity in school librarians.

Entertainment Weekly cover
And finally -- you knew I wouldn't leave this out (!) -- Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. I know there were naysayers, but surely they are appeased at the photo released this week on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. My students have been all abuzz about the movie after we finished The Hunger Games this week. They've requested we read Catching Fire next year, and they've been surfing the web looking at news from the upcoming movie based on the first book. I love when kids are excited about books!

I am also excited about books, as it seems with the warmer weather I have a newfound love for reading. Not that I ever gave it up, but there for a while... It was slow-going. Now I am zipping through book after book. I am going away with my mom's friends (Yo-Yo shout-out!) to the Smoky Mountains for a couple of days.

That means lots of relaxing, reading, pool-laying, (probably some) shopping, and eating great food. Oh, and the company will be excellent, as well. I love these ladies; they're all like second (and third, and fourth, and fifth...) moms. I am taking with me Michael Koryta's upcoming novel The Ridge and Jefferson Bass's new book The Bone Yard.

Have a fabulous weekend! I hope you have some sunshine to enjoy & happy reading!

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