Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book-to-Film Adaptations I Can't Wait to See

Hollywood has always been full of films that are based on books. I am not always a fan of movies based on books, but these are too good to pass up. One is already in theaters, several are coming this summer, and a few don't release until next year; I'll try to remind you again so that we both get to see them!

 The Lincoln Lawyer: This Matthew McConaughey movie is based on Michael Connelly's first Mickey Haller novel. Haller is a secondary main character to Connelly's best-loved character Harry Bosch, and actually his half-brother. The movie centers around Haller, a defense attorney who has had some hard knocks -- most of his own making. His estranged wife, played by Marisa Tomei, also factors in, as the couple share a daughter. I would love to see Harry on film one day, but for now I'll definitely settle for McConaughey as Mickey. Currently in theaters.

Water for Elephants: I read this book way back when it was released in trade paperback form, long before the film was dreamed of. I love Reese Witherspoon and really like Robert Pattinson (despite all the teen fangirl praise he gets), and I think that they will make a fantastic movie together. I can't wait to see Sara Gruen's circus transformed onto the big screen. Will it be a little bit Hollywood-drama rather than true-to-literature? Probably. But I'll still be happy. In theaters April 22, 2011.

Emma Stone as Skeeter and Viola Davis as Aibileen
 The Help: I love these stills of scenes from the movie featuring Emma Stone and Sissy Spacek. Although I held off on reading this book for a long time (I am sometimes finicky about reading a book simply because it gets a lot of buzz), I am currently absolutely loving the audio version from The Kathryn Stockett novel is told from various points of view, all of which are perfectly executed on the audio version I have. I can't wait to see the voices I've been hearing translated into actors as their story plays out on film. In theaters August 12, 2011.

 The Hunger Games: Already steeped in controversy over the actors chosen to play lead roles, this film is sure to be a hot one when it hits theaters next spring. Suzanne Collins' trilogy (this is the first novel, and will supposedly be followed by two movies based on the second and third books) is set at some point in the distant future. North America has become Panem, and the Capitol rules over all the land. Districts are forced to send teenagers to compete in the Hunger Games each year as a reminder that they must never rebel. Although many (many, many) Hunger Games fans have expressed dismay at the choice of Jennifer Lawrence at Katniss, I am thrilled. Anyone who has seen Winter's Bone (also a film adaptation of the Daniel Woodrell novel of the same name) will agree there is no doubt Lawrence is an excellent actress. In theaters March 2012.

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