Monday, March 21, 2011

How I Spent the Last Couple of Days...

This is the cabin where we stayed, with amazing views overlooking the Obey River at Dale Hollow. And, yes -- that is a hot tub to my right!

The people at East Port Marina could not have been nicer. I highly recommend doing business with them.

 (Please ignore the yoga pants/ Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt combo outfit -- not to mention 
my messy hair. It was a casual, lake-and-reading kind of weekend!)

Early in the day on Sunday, we rented a boat.

Can you tell what his objective for the day was?

I, on the other hand, lounged in the gorgeous sun and read: 

Lauren Weisberger's newest novel Last Night at Chateau Marmont and new-to-me author Jo-Ann Mapson's Solomon's Oak, which is winding up to be an amazing read.

Just thought I would share some highlights of my spring break (so far).


  1. Thanks for your wonderful blog! I love reading your reviews and reading some of the books for myself.
    You and I have the same idea for the "perfect" Spring Break!
    Keep reading,
    Donna Vandygriff

  2. Hi Joanna,

    Looks like you had a lovely time! It looks beautiful there. Thanks for posting the link for the cabins. We might check them out someday ourselves.


  3. Mrs. V & Michelle --

    Thank you! We did have a lovely time, and I highly recommend the Dale Hollow area, even if you don't stay at those particular cabins.

    Have a great week!



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