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Book News: Controversy Over Katniss, Cross Stitching Quotes, & Books About Liz Taylor

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It's book news time again, which means it's Friday, which means my spring break is almost over! I know, I know. Those of you who don't get a spring break don't care. In fact, you're probably glad mine is over; after all, where is the justice in a world that says I get one and you don't? After working for the past several years outside the teaching profession (with no spring break), just let me say how grateful I am that I did get one this year!

Also, if you were inside a classroom full of kids when the temperatures started to rise, you would understand the necessity of spring break. Kind of like a full moon, spring temperatures get kids (and all of us, if we're being honest) a little bit excited! Spring break helps teachers keep their sanity, and thus -- love their kids even more. And, of course, have the patience to continue to teach them!

Now, on to actual book news:

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Last week, I posted the news that Jennifer Lawrence had been chosen to play Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming film version of The Hunger Games. I had no idea that choice was going to become such a controversial bit of book news. Just after my posting, I read another book blogger's opinion on Lawrence as Katniss, one that was the exact opposite of my own. Apparently, Hunger Games series fans everywhere began debating the choice almost immediately.

This week, author Suzanne Collins made a statement to her fans explaining and making a case for Lawrence as Katniss. In my opinion, film versions of books are always going to be lacking in some readers' eyes. I tend to think the book is always better than any film adaptation. However, I like to see books I enjoyed on the big screen, if only for the fact that it might entice viewers to pick up copies of the book. The possibility of attracting non-readers to reading is an excellent reason for any book to be made into a movie. I look forward to seeing The Hunger Games and Lawrence in the leading role.

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In more fun book news (and by the way, shouldn't all spring break posts be fun?), you can now combine your love for books with your love for crafts. Using the website StitchPoint, you can translate a favorite quote into a cross stitch pattern. The website's Text in Stitches tool creates an 8x11 (regular page-size) pattern of whatever you choose to type. With retro style, you can share quotes with everyone on your Christmas list. Better get to typing (and stitching) now. Have you ever completed a cross stitch? Those things take time! Now that I think about it, that would be a perfect project for my summer break...

Jackson on Hobbit set, from his FB
A bit more about film adaptations of books, then it's back to my porch and flowers. Peter Jackson announced this week that the film version of The Hobbit was in production. Fans of The Lord of the Rings trilogy (both the books and the movies) have been waiting impatiently for this day to come. Jackson's movie will be split into two parts, with one released din 2012 and the second in 2013.

Two more newsworthy book tidbits from this week:

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