Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Famous! Well, Sort Of -- My "Getting Random With..." Interview on Reading with Tequila

Reading with Tequila Today Jennifer from Reading with Tequila: A bookworm with bite is featuring me and A Worn Path for her weekly "Getting Random With..." blogger interview. Past interviews have included random questions such as "What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?" and "When you were six years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?" For her unique-to-me questions and my (slightly crazy -- and for some reason, largely animal-related) answers, click on over. Readers can also enter to win a $15 Amazon gift card.

The Reading with Tequila book blog features Jennifer's opinions on an eclectic mix of reading material -- from Young Adult novels to mystery series to classic literature. Last week, she posted reviews on books as varied as 1st to Die from James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, and the newly released and bestselling vampire novel The Passsage by Justin Cronin.

Jennifer warns that she doesn't actually advocate for reading with tequila in a literal sense. Rather, she states that "reading with tequila means reading with a relaxed, carefree attitude. Reading is exciting, it's soothing, it's something to anticipate highly and it should always be celebrated." Reading with Tequila constantly offers books and book-related items for giveaway, and Jennifer is currently sponsoring a Read-a-long featuring Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, which goes through August 12th.

My sincere thanks to Jennifer for having me today. Don't forget to sign up to win that Amazon gift card!


  1. Hi! :-) I'm a new follower found you through Jennifer's Reading with Tequila blog feature :-)

    I'll look around and in the meantime you can find me here: Ex Libris.

  2. Thanks, Stella! I'm glad you're here & I'll be sure to check out Ex Libris. Happy reading!

  3. I really enjoyed your answers to the questions! Great job!

    Thanks for the giveaway. =O)



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