Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100th Blog Post! And a Break-Down of What the Heck I've Been Writing About

As I neared my 100th blog post, I felt like I had to mark the occasion in some way. I'm going out to dinner tonight (although that has little to do with reaching 100 posts), so I guess that's somewhat of a celebration. But as I sat down to write a post about... well, posts, I realized that I wanted to know what it meant to reach 100 posts. What had I written about? What had I read? Who had I read?

So I spent some time creating an Excel sheet to enter data from my blog & organize it in various ways. Yep, pretty OCD of me! But now I know, and now I can keep up with these kind of things easily by simply adding to the worksheet as I add to my blog. I know you're all waiting with bated breath, so here goes -- the breakdown of books and blog posts:

  • 118 books read (most, but not all reviewed -- and some were reviewed or listed together in one post)
Of those 118:

  • 91 fiction (44 mysteries, 27 modern lit, 15 fantasies, 2 young adult, 2 romance, & 1 horror)
  • 27 non-fiction (22 memoir of various types, 2 true crime, 1 biography, 1 essay & 1 "foodie" non-fiction)
  • 63 are part of a series of some sort (59 of those were fiction & only 4 non-fiction)
  • 9 "foodie" books (memoir, non-fiction, & literature)
Setting is important (you know how I love my southern lit), so:

  • 25 were southern books
  • 19 books were set in California
  • only 13 books took place out of the U.S.
There were also at least 3 books I have remembered I never wrote about, despite LOVING them:

  • Traveling With Pomegranates: A Mother-Daughter Story by Sue Monk Kidd & Ann Kidd Taylor
  • The Fixer-Upper by Mary Kay Andrews
  • Mommywood by Tori Spelling
As for authors, here were my favorites according to the numbers (keeping in mind that there are many others who simply didn't have new books released in the past year and a half):

  • Michael Connelly (19 books)
  • Charlaine Harris (10 books)
  • Kathy Reichs (6 books and counting)
  • Jen Lancaster (4 books)
  • Stephenie Meyer (4 books)
  • Adriana Trigiani (2 books)
  • Joshilyn Jackson (2 books)
  • Dorothea Benton Frank (2 books)
  • Pat Conroy (2 books)
Only 7 posts were not about books, reading, authors or book events. Topics for these random posts included movies, music, & eateries.

Overall, a good run so far with this book blogging thing. No real surprises, although I would have never thought I read so many books set in California -- I think the Michael Connelly kick probably skewed that a bit, since most of his are Los Angeles based. Here's to another 100!

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