Friday, January 1, 2010

To Kindle or Not to Kindle... That Is the Question

One of my favorite funny memoirists is Jen Lancaster. Her upcoming book My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover If Not Being a Dumb A** Is the New Black; Or, A Culture-Up Manifesto will be in bookstores (and on & on their Kindle) on May 4, 2010. Until then, you can read her recent article written for NPR about the Kindle and why it is good. And also, why it won't replace the old bound-paper version -- at least not yet.

As someone who hasn't gotten her hands on a Kindle quite yet, I found Lancaster's reasoning fair; however, I still have to say that I'm not so sure I would ever like it. After all, I stare at a computer screen for only so long as I can stand whilst checking my email, Facebook, & browsing a bit. It doesn't take long for me to want to rest my eyes on something less straining -- like actual pages of a hard-copy book. Still, Lancaster's finished-my-book-while-on-the-beach-and-needed-a-new-one argument is compelling...

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