Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sometimes I Fall Asleep While Reading...

Just thought I'd share a funny picture of myself, still holding a book in bed, but fast asleep. As you can see, reading before I go to sleep is something I do each and every night. From the time my dad brought home a robin's egg blue, clip-on reading lamp and the Carolyn Keene/ Nancy Drew book Trouble in Tahiti (published in January of 1991 -- I was 9 years old!), I've been an avid before-bed reader. Usually I read until my eyelids are heavy (and this is never a page-or-two occurrence -- it takes me an hour or more of reading to get sleepy). However, on this particular night I obviously couldn't hold my eyes open to lay down the book and turn off the light.

What is keeping me up nights these days, you might ask? Andre Dubus III's The Garden of Last Days. I'll save conversation about the novel for after I've finished it, but suffice to say it's holding my attention.

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