Monday, August 3, 2009

I Clean House While Mom Shops for Books

Sadly, a busy day has left little time for reading. However, my mom found time this afternoon to shop at my favorite book store -- McKay Used Books. She tried to find some of the titles I'm wanting to devour prior to October's Southern Festival of Books, but had no luck. I'm sure I'll make a trip of my own within the next few weeks so that I can load up on all I can find to prepare for the literary festivities to begin.

McKay is a book store which originated in Knoxville, Tennessee, but now has locations in Chattanooga and Nashville, as well. I first found McKay while working on my English degree at UT Chattanooga. I honestly can't remember how it happened, but if I had to guess, I'd say a professor or fellow student mentioned it and I had to go asap! McKay stocks every kind of book you can imagine, from newly released fiction to self-help to textbooks. They also carry a wide array of DVDs, CDs, and audio books. In addition, when they can they also sell electronic items such as iPods & gaming systems.

Their best deals by far are on books. While some brand new titles might set you back as much as $14, most books are in the $2-$5 range. They also always have a section called "Bargain Books". You might think this would be books that are boring, terribly written, or otherwise un-readable. You would be wrong! Often, this section is full of books McKay has received too many copies of because it was a popular, best-selling title. I can't tell you how many Oprah's Book Club selections I've found a couple of years after their being honored by that distinction on the bargain shelves.

McKay receives so many because their primary way of getting in new stock is from their customers seeking trade value for books they've read. This might seem like blasphemy to people who are book collectors, much like myself, but I've been known to "sell back" books which weren't that good or which I simply didn't need to keep after having read. Thank goodness there is an entire population of people who don't feel any kind of sentimental emotion towards books and can get rid of them for cash or trade value. Otherwise, McKay would only stock books that weren't that good. Instead, they have a wide array of great titles "sold back" to them by people who bought them new (or used) and traded them in for the next round.

Visit McKay Used Books in Knoxville just off Papermill, in Chattanooga on Lee Highway, or in Nashville on Charlotte Pike. For directions to any location, visit the McKay website here.

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